The Mission: Help break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and exploitation experienced by women and girls worldwide through educational training, and development of sustainable micro-industry.  Empower lives by helping to create economic independence.

The Story: While on a charity distribution trip to the Peruvian highlands and the Sacred Valley in 2011 with a major global non-profit, we recognized that very talented women artisans were creating beautifully handcrafted products for the home that they had great difficulty selling. The local street markets were inundated with similar products causing unsustainable competition for those who are very poor. The artisans were forced to sell their items for extremely undervalued prices just to make a sale for little or no profit. Nearly 50% of all women and girls in the region live in extremely abusive situations and exploitation is one of the many dire consequences of their poverty.

How We Make A Difference: Assist artisans in selected areas to develop uniquely different products using their existing talent. Through training and education, along with development of core business skills, ADF can guide artisans on a path to successful entrepreneurship. Ultimately, formation of cooperatives, where the artisans can come together to share their talent and creativity, will allow them the opportunity to manufacture and sell a greater variety of products. This helps to establish a community support system and a pathway to sustainable income for themselves, their children, and their families.  ADF aims to assist the artisans in making connections with "fair trade" companies who will market and sell their products in the global arena for fair market values.

The Ultimate Goal: Help women and girls to develop economic independence over time and break the vicious cycle of poverty and its consequences while promoting strong family values and healthier social communities.

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(ADF is an IRS designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization)